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  Are Clams Happy?

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A little about Clams             
Wandering the beaches of Wellfleet you come across some interesting sights. On the ocean side, I've seen groups of curious seals sticking their heads out of the water to get a better look at me. I've watched flocks of piping plovers and sandpipers running from the waves, and on the bay beaches I've discovered a multitude of colorful and interesting shells. In all my time walking on our beaches, I have yet to come across a happy clam.

I thought about this the other day when I was at a local convenience store. While standing in line, I overheard the clerk telling a customer about a friend who won $1,000 on a scratch ticket. "It goes without saying," she said, "that he's as happy as a clam."Clams

Well, that got the wheels in my head spinning.

After doing some research, I've discovered that nobody has really been able to discover a way to judge a clam's emotional state. For all we know, most clams could be spending their days sulking in their shells. If you take a good look at a clam, it's really hard to tell whether it is frowning or smiling.

So, how did this curious expression about happy clams find its way into our language?

I looked into this and found that, somewhere along the way, a few vital words got dropped from this expression.

Originally, folks used to talk about being "as happy as a clam at high tide" or "as happy as a clam at high water."

You can certainly understand why clams would prefer high tide to low tide.

ClammersWhen the tide is high, clams can rest easy, comfortably feeding while the clammers and their shovels are stranded on the land.

When the tide goes out, the situation changes drastically. For the next few hours, they face the chance that their day will be very rudely interrupted by a person with a shovel and a clam rake.

British scientists recently discovered a clam that was very successful at eluding this demise.  While dredging the seabed north of Iceland, a team from the Bangor University School of Ocean Sciences uncovered a clam that they determined lived to be 405 years old. That would mean that this durable critter was hanging out on the ocean floor back when Shakespeare was busy scribbling plays and the Pilgrims were boarding the Mayflower!

That's longevity that is directly attributable to being in a good location.

Surf Side Cottages, in Wellfleet, aren't as old as that clam but they've been around for some time. Since they began accommodating Cape Cod visitors in 1947,Cottage view they have proved, time and again, that old, real estate adage that the three most important things a property should have are: "Location, location, location."

Surf Side Cottages' longevity is also directly attributable to being in a good location.

A cottage by the sea is surely better than one located out in the woods or on Route 6 for a number of reasons.

1.  City dwellers spend hundreds of dollars to buy machines that create "white-noise" to mask the urban sounds so they can sleep at night.

Here at Surf Side Cottages, there are some nights where the constant sound of the waves crashing on the shore is nature's white noise lulling you to some of the most restful sleep you will experience.  I'm not saying that you can hear the surf from your cottage all the time, but when the sea is "angry," or just in a bad mood, our guests notice either a constant, dull roar or a rhythmic crash throughout our colony of cottages.

2. Wellfleet visitors are often heard complaining that after they have paid $80 dollars to buy a beach parking permit, in the summertime, they find the beach parking lots filled when they arrive, leaving them no options but to either wait in theirBeach Fire car or to drive on to look for a spot at another beach.

At Surf Side Cottages, you don't need a beach parking pass,you don't even need to pack the car since the beach  is just a short walk away.
And even though the beach parking lots close after dark, renters at Surf Side have "round the clock access" to the beach and this makes moonlight strolls and nighttime bonfires on the beach definite possibilities.

3.  Anyone who has been on Cape Cod in the summertime knows that traffic is a way of life.  Obtaining accommodations on Route 6, or on a side road off of Route 6 simply means that you and your car will be a part of that traffic on a daily basis !
A rental cottage by the ocean allows you to prepare your own meals and avoid experiencing rising restaurant menu prices, making reservations or waiting in long lines  while trying to convince the children that they will be eating soon.

4. Once you are settled in, you won't need to do anything but enjoy your home by the sea.  Without TV's to "entertain you" (I use that expression with reservation), families are forced to find other ways to spend their evenings.  Long lost pastime activities such as conversation, story telling and game playing replace silently staring at a picture tube or a flat-panel screen.  Someone once said: "The farther you get away from distractions, the closer you get to each other."  A vacation at Surf Side Cottages will create memories that your children, and you, will treasure for the rest of your lives.

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