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Cape Cod vacation cottage rentals in Wellfleet, Massachusetts near the beautiful beaches of the Cape Cod National Seashore.  Located 20 miles from Provincetown's whale watching boats and 3 miles from the art galleries,   Most cottages are just steps away from the top of the dunes overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and LeCount Hollow Beach at Maguire's Landing.

Top things to Do at the Beach

  1. People watch. (an all-time beach favorite). Just sit there and the world
    will pass by. At the beach you will definitely see just about every kind of
    body size and shape. They'll be walking or jogging by, playing in the surf,
    lying on blankets or playing in the sand.
  2. Catch some Rays. For total relaxation, bring a lounge chair down by the
    water and let the soothing sounds of the surf clear your mind while the waves
    lap against your feet. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and let the
    pleasant breeze take you away from the world. You can also do some summer
    reading at the same time! Just don't forget the sun protection.
  3. Fly a Kite or throw something around. Whether it is a baseball, football or hitting a small ball back and forth with paddles, there is something about the beach that screams "Get off your blanket and get active!" If you fly that kite, be sure to do it away from other sunbathers. Should the wind suddenly die, you wouldn't want your kite to painfully crash onto a sunbather.
  4. Go in the Water. Salt water is soothing and a wonderful way to cool off after sunbathing or a long walk. Unless you are a strong swimmer, however, it is recommended that you stay in knee deep to waist deep water. Those of you who are unfamiliar with the ocean need to watch out for riptides and the
    strength of the waves. If you want to swim, do it within sight of the lifeguards.
  5. Build a Sand Castle. With or without the kids, playing in the sand is a fun way to spend the day. Bring your shovel, bucket and other tools and be as creative as possible. Often those passing by will strike up a conversation.
  6. Boogie Boarding/Surfing. (A favorite beach pastime!) Bring your body board or Surf Board or rent one before you get to the beach, then head on out to the surf. Huge waves aren't necessary for a good ride, actually a small swell is all that is
    needed for a novice to have fun and ride a wave in.
  7. Take Photos. From close up photos of the pebbles and marks on the sand that the waves make, to beach panoramas, the beach is a wonderful place to take photos. Amateurs and professionals alike will find aquatic creatures,
    rolling waves, beautiful sunrises and sunsets ideal subjects.
  8. Have a Picnic. Pack a lunch at home or pick one up on the way.  Provided it's
    not too breezy, the beach is a great place to spread out your blanket and enjoy a nice lunch outdoors. Don't bring any drinks in glass containers since they are not allowed (too many bare feet in the area). Try to resist the temptation to feed the seagulls. This usually causes them to flock over to your area of the beach and fight among themselves for the best feeding locations. Once the food stops coming to them, they have been known to swoop down and snatch food out of your unsuspecting hand, accidentally biting a finger at the same time. The birds have learned that the most successful swooping attacks are done from behind your back. Don't encourage this, for everyone's safety.
  9. Build an evening fire on the beach. You will need permission from the
    fire department for this one but they readily give it. Bring your own wood
    and sit around the flames toasting marshmallows or hotdogs on a stick while
    the crashing waves sing in the background.
  10. Take a Walk on the Beach. For a little exercise or to view the scenery,
    walking the beach at some point is a must! Feel the sand beneath your feet
    as the waves splash at your ankles. Get lost in conversation with a friend
    or walk alone and catch up on your thoughts. Holding hands with a loved one
    is another option.

  11. Do a little Surfcasting (fishing). You are not allowed to cast your hook and line on the guarded, swimming section but if you walk down the beach a ways, you can cast and catch to your heart's content. There is nothing as
    flavorful as eating a fresh fish dinner with the fish having been caught only a few hours before.
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